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Time for You to Address Violence in Black Communities, Mr. Obama

TaraO316 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 4:39 PM
Chicago put all their eggs in the gun control basket and it is the innocent people of Chicago that is paying for this with their lives. I read another article today that they are at a loss of what to do with the violence and are asking him to come to speak to Chicago. This shows how absolutely clueless they are. They need to look at cities that have brought down their crime. Throw out the pc police and get serious with these gangbangers and put the resources they have into the elementary schools to prevent them joining gangs. Make the communities responsible for their children. And fix the freaking economy.
Texas Chris Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 1:06 PM
Want to end gangs? Legalize drugs. Gangs will lose their only true source of funding overnight, and the violence associated will disappear.

Dear Mr. Obama,

This week Hadiya Pendleton was shot and murdered in Chicago just days after performing with high school marching band at your second inauguration.

She was a majorette in addition to playing volleyball and being an honor student at King College Prep High School.

My plea to you is you attend her funeral.

My plea is that after the funeral you address the entire nation in prime time and discuss an epidemic that's eroding our nation and destroying millions of dreams.

That is the real epidemic of violence in black communities

There is no better example than your hometown of Chicago or Chi-Raq as many locals have begun to call...

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