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1. Secure the border. 2. Deport all illegals. 3. Then we can talk about reform. Mr. President, do your job and secure the border.
He's right, of course. Obama has redefined "paper tiger" in his own image. He draws his "red lines" around the world with erasable whiteboard ink, and all that he accomplishes is to embarrass himself and the country. On any stage, foreign or domestic, Obama is a disaster.
What's this?? Common sense and respect for the Constitution from a judge?? How can this be??
He is a liberal. Ergo, he is a liar.
The only core value from which a liberal will never stray, is lying.
They put the extra read and blue stripes on it to represent all 57 States.
Quote: “Teach men not to rape.” - "because it’s not universally understood that rape is wrong." Isn't that just like putting up a sign that reads, "Gun Free Zone"? And how is that working out?
Fewer choices, fewer doctors, and oppressively higher costs. What's not to love about this socialist utopian healthcare nightmare?
It is a disaster, just as they knew it would be. That was the plan from the beginning.
Great mix! "MSLSD - All Apologies, All The Time" What a great motto.
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