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He said it would be 200 years.
That's liberals for you - beat up on the cripple. Real class act, these liberals are.
I bet it's a union job as well.
Of course she was right, and so was Romney. And President Pinocchio is as dumb as they come.
People that embrace this religion of Atheism are about as tolerant as Puritans.
How many heads exploded in the audience at the Oscar presentation when he said that?
If we bring the troops home, we should dress them up smartly and send them to your house to instruct you in the ways of mental discipline. Because you exhibit a serious deficiency in that area.
It depends on what they were wearing. Are you the fashion police now?
What were they wearing?
Umm, so is your rant about what the Russian soldiers were wearing, or George Bush? I'm not understanding the fashion aspect of your mental drivel.
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