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I didn't think he'd live through '09. Try him for treason, put him in front of a firing squad, sell tickets for $10,000,000 for a lottery to draw six men for the squad. Certainly would lower the national debt and get the odor of camel dung out of the offal orifice! PS: he can't be a traitor because he doesn't have legal citizenship. biden, on the other hand.....
She gave up her lawyer's license because the Board was ready to fry her fat butt because of illegal activites. It would have made one heck of a fire! 4 alarm, most likely.
Probably a proctologist. Just a guess but you can see the association.
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Starting A Housing Bust From Scratch

Tampa Tom Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 12:30 AM
I'm a Realtor in Tampa (as you might guess). I realized in September of 2006 that the market had changed, but I didn't know why - just that it had & I sense that same thing happening now. Barney & Dodd got us into the bubble by lying to congress when w made multiple efforts to reign in F & F because it was obvious they were built on a house of cards & clinton had been the dealer. Now it's the lib's (call them what YOU want, you know who they are) and oh! bummer! leading us down to the next level in Hell & the stench smells strongly of camel dung.
I just read that FBI statistics that show over 70 MILLION background checks SINCE oh! bummer! TOOK OFFICE!!! If every one of these bought just 100 rounds of ammo, we probably out-bought dhs. And, this does't figure in gun shop & private purchases!!!
It's already on the Internet.
Obviously, there's a bunch of trolls on here who want to change the subject. I wonder why? (not!)
No! Try susan rice & Benghazi - does your "mind" go that far back? Or, better yet, oh! bummer! & Benghazi on December 16th? Typical koolade-sodden (oops! I almost typed "sodomized" - I'd probably get a bunch of flack if I had!) libertard.
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The Left Bullies the NRA

Tampa Tom Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 1:04 PM
You might want to get your SpellCheck fixed. You also might need to be sent to a fema camp to be re-habed. Or a hospital for the mentally deranged - shock treatment and koolade withdrawl can be administered there. If none of these treatments work, we can deport you to Mexico, there to be removed from the gene pool.
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Newtown, and a New America

Tampa Tom Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 1:50 PM
Jay, and to add to your thoughts about teachers or other employees being a "worse threat", just how many examples are there about mass killings in our school being committed by them when they're already in a gun-free area NOW and could do so at any time? If one of the six adults who tried to defend the children at Sandy" had a gun instead of just her body to fight off the shooter, things might have turned out differently. If the shooter knew there were arms in the school, might he have not EVEN TRIED?
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