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He doesn't understand. He's waiting for someone to come and explain your question to him...
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Biden Strikes Again. And Again.

TammyTucker Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 11:44 AM
And this is the guy in charge of Foreign Policy... 0.o'
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Obama's Real War on Women

TammyTucker Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 4:00 PM
It would have been more impressive if at the end they would have included nice soft music while showing Romney's amazing track record of keeping his promise and hiring more women.
Sigh, I can't believe he asked her if she thought that she got this reaction because she was a famous "black" woman. Until this stupid media stops pushing racism, we're never going to stop hearing about an undivided country.
I don't understand how this can happen? I live in Orlando and all four members of my family have to show our "Government Issued ID's" before we can go to the booth and cast our votes???!!!??? It's like going against a shameless giant! Praying for a victorious landslide for the Republicans...
He meant he wanted to fix it "for good"! In other words, the damage will be so big that it will take forever for us to recover!!! It's scary that this man seems to actually have a chance to win! Here's part of the problem:! Not a fan of Howard Stern, but this video was scary!
How about movies that offend Christians?!? We might as well just get rid of hollywood altogether...You know, "Just to show respect", right???
And here I thought that America wouldn't give in to terrorism. Such a lame president!
When abortions were approved, we didn't have the technology that we have today. People used to think that a "fetus" was just a blob of meat starting to form into a baby. Now that we know that this is NOT true, we need to STOP these abortions!
Love it!!! Mitt showed the media how ridiculous they are! REMEMBER TO DRIVE, FLY, DRAG YOUR REPUBLICAN FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO THOSE VOTING BOOTHS...
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