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Well, yes sir Rob. You just yell at us to QUIT IT because you said so. LMAO. We should all just put our little heads back in the sand and go to sleep. You are a fool.
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I Hate Mike Adams

Tammy125 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 10:14 AM
Hey Mike, I've been reading you for years and gotta say, "I love you". I wish my children would have had you as a professor. Great op-ed and keep fighting the good. Nothing more fun then ticking a liberal off.
Really? So the black community doesn't like Mr. Elder because he doesn't buy into the plantation mentality. Ya know neo, I bet you will argue with me and refuse to believe that Dr. Martin Luther King was a registered Republican? Look it up moron. You vote in lock-step for the Democrat because you are no longer capable of thinking or taking care of yourself. Thank a Democrat for that. I feel sorry for you.
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