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No the aren't. Listen to somebody besides Chis "shiver up my leg" Matthews. They aren't they have given themselves a pass. Another Liberal lie that sheep like you believe because you want. Why let something like facts get in your way.
Whatever fits their agenda and the sheeple are too stupid to look farther than the MSM talking points. Sad but true.
Mid America. Ya know, fly over country where all the guns, God, religion and apple pie reign. Their not taking our guns. I'd rather be a political prisoner or dead then one of the sheeple and most of my fellow Okies feel the same. Hang in there. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
Love you Doug and love your daughter. Keep preaching the good word. There are a whole lot of us that have your back. From Oklahoma. The only state where not ONE county was stupid enough to vote for Obama.
Even CNN and Obama's flunky Cutter agreed the $5 trillion number is totally bogus. Just another lie perpetrated by the Chicago Mob. Keep repeating the talking points and refuse to educate yourself and you get what you deserve. I think it's called Spain. Wake up Aura and quit drinking the Obama Kool-aid. You are so sad.
Just how stupid are you Aura? Yes, that is exactly what he said. Never mind that the same formula was used successfully by both JFK and Reagan. I'll try to type real slow for you....lower taxes and business is able to invest that money in growing their business. Things like purchasing new equipment, expansions and......guess what?.....hiring employees. Let's just take this in small bite size pieces that any Liberal can understand. Hire more employees and they become tax payers, not people standing in line to collect unemployment. Buy new equipment - spend money with other manufacturers so the too can do the above. Expansions - hiring people and materials to expand. All of the above plus puts money back into the economy. Capitalism.
Seriously, a vote for this Johnson character, Ron Paul or any other fly-by-night third party candidate is a vote for Obama. What we have is Romney. Guess you can stick to your so-called "principals" and vote for a third party candidate with zero chance of winning and when we have Obama for four more years and our country is totally ruined then I guess you can at least feel good that you still have your "principals". If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
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To Unborn Son No. 2

Tammy125 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:41 PM
Awesome! Thank you, God Bless, congratulations and welcome to the world to your young son.
Giles, I always love your insightful wit. Keep it up.
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Obama's Stump Speech Myths

Tammy125 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 3:17 PM
Wow, I always find it amusing that liberals always try to excuse bad behavior by trying to point out other bad behavior, even if it isn't true. Generally it is because they are unable to frame a logical agrument.
Well, yes sir Rob. You just yell at us to QUIT IT because you said so. LMAO. We should all just put our little heads back in the sand and go to sleep. You are a fool.
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