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you really need to get the current issue of townhall magazine and read the article about the myths of the clinton administration. and you really need to stop watching the lame stream media. Get out get educated
Im not afraid to say I am a Republican.....there's no shame in it. You shouldnt be ashamed of it either...if you are then go be a democrat. There are Both good and bad on both sides of the political spectrum.
Exacatly! wheres the outrage with this? if it were a republican people would be yelling from the roof tops about this.
Baloney....When are people going to get up in arms about the stupid stuff that democrats say? If it were a REPUBLICAN that said it you guys would be going Nuts about it...but oh hey it was a democrat so its ok......idiot. I agree that the left is trying to push gun controll but seriously, when they say stupid stuff like this guy did EVERYONE should be up in arms about it.
what do you expect from the commies? There are good teachers out there willing to teach the kids and get them to learn and its a threat to the teachers unions. I agree its time to get rid of the unions altogether. Keep the good teachers and get rid of the bad ones.
If I still lived in VA Id vote for Cuccinelli in aheart beat, and Id have a sign for him in my front yard. All I can hope for is the republicans get energized and get er done by getting mr. C in.
Agreed about the magazines being easy on the dems and harsh on the republicans. More people need to be more well informed about their choices...we need to take back the main stream media too. I dont watch network news anymore because to me its more yellow journalism than anything else.
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Top 10 Republicans to Watch in 2013

Tammy117 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 6:56 AM
NJ's govornor Christy should be watched, but only because he seems to be acting more like a RInO than a true republican. Sorry, but I wouldnt vote for him at all. No joke when I say it, I wish Mr. Norris would run for office.......
A LONG time ago.........
A LONG time ago.........
right and thats another truth liberals cant wrap their minda round
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