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News: Old, White Liberals OK with Obamacare

talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 11:51 AM
Roy,just FYI, Kellog, Brown and Root, the contractor that has been doing the building, cooking, and logistical job of supplying our troops with food, ammo, fuel, housing units, and anything else that would keep the fighting people from doing what they are trained to do, if they had to do it themselves, outperforms the Corps of Engineers, because they do not have to wait on some Genera, lin DC, or somewhere else safe, to tell them when to jump. They have a better safety culture than the military, because that is the way to be more efficient at what they do. I will stop here, because I do not have time to educate the un-educatable, although I give it a try occasionally.

LoninPa wrote: Is Ransom saying that the Senate would never approve the tax bill that they already approved and sent to the house? I know it started out as a non-tax bill with the tax part amended on. But that hardly changes the fact that the Senate voted for it.

What Ransom, pretty much alone, seems to have missed is that the Democrats don't have to vote for a tax hike bill. The Republicans voted for one 12 years ago (extended by a compromise for two years) and it will go into effect in January. The Democrats only plan on passing...