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Gas Tax May Climb

talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 3:54 PM
I call BEE ESS!!! What trust fund? Since when did the gummint ever put money into a "trust fund" and not take it out, leaving an I.O.U. in it's place?
David296 Wrote: 32 minutes ago (12:21 PM) There is NO CONNECTION between ACA and The VA Health care. ACA is PRIVATE insurance, VA Care is 100% PURE SOCIALIZES CARE. Oh by the by half Governor Sahara Palin signed the EXACT same wording in Alaska's health care (death panel) Law ..EXACTLY! But here excuse was "she didn't know it was there! I see you know your Fixed News talking points !!! David, you are the one using "talking points". ACA is a misnomer. people who had perfectly good insurance have now been dumped into the gutter and must buy insurance that is neither affordable, nor appropriate for them. The ultimate goal of the bumocrats is to scream that the ACA is not fixable, and then go to 'single payer' health care. You know, total socialized care like the rest of the dumbos in socialized countries have. Get some reality in your posts, or go away. When you stop hyperventilating, have a great day, troll.
Dr_Zinj Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:29 AM) Actually, it does define freedom from religion, any of them. "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Congress can't force you to be religious (freedom from religion), and they can't stop you from being religious either (freedom of religion.) Doc, read my post below. You slightly misinterpret the wording, as written, in context of the time it was written.
I have doubts that some of the posters here have even read, much less understood, the purpose of the first ammendment. HISTORY NOTE!!! The British government declared a "state religion", and punished those who did not practice it. The framers of the constitution wanted no interference from the government, either forcing a specific religion on the populace, or preventing them from practicing the religion they believed in. The "Separationist" want to eliminate any religion from the public arena. The framers were predominately Christians. Evidence this fact in as much as most government buildings they erected showed that faith by engraving scripture, and scriptural ideas on the most important, to them, buildings in D.C. How hard is that to understand? I rest my case.
Go back to huffpo, or some other place to troll, lois. Only idiots and leftist have a problem with the NRA, or free speach.
I doubt they get what amounts to $8.00 per hour. They are mostly paid by the volume of produce they harvest.
The problem, as I see it, is not the illegal aliens doing the work, but the gummint subsidized corporate farmers who make money from both the taxpayers and the low cost labor. The 'family farmer' does not get the same huge chunk of subsidy as the corporate conglomerates who are fattening the pay (under the table) of the slugs that are sent to congress, for giving them many perks that "ol' Joe" the family farmer has no chance to get.
not-science, do you know Limbaugh, personally? Do you know O'Riley, personally? If not, you just wasted bandwidth with your personal attacks, to defend your un-funny, un-satirical hero, Colbert.
Y'all have a fun evening! I am signing off for the rest of this day, and go live life, without all this tech-based time waster.
Can I get an "Amen" on that comment?
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