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OK, I have been keeping out of the mix, but now I have to say "until I see somebody get in a car and crash it, and kill several people from smoking, I do not want to hear what the boozers who smoke pot have to say". Having, in the past, smoked tobacco, pot, and 'inbibed the spirits', I have never been out of control of my actions with tobaccco, but pot and booze have both put me in 'la-la-land'. It ain't nothing but a bunch of idiots who want to control everybody else's actions, while doing their 'own thing'!
...it takes a village...Do I hear Billary burping garbage?
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What is Fracking?

talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 11:31 AM
hydraulic fracturing: using high pressure fluid to fracture the formation where petroleum, and gas are found. It lets a larger quantity of petrochemicals to flow. See how simple that is? It does not cause damage to the rock or aquafers higher up in the hole, because it is sealed off by hundreds of feet of concrete fron the shallower part of the well.
Ok, a little nutty myself. Mostly buy for long term growth, Some daytrading, watching the price pogo-stick for a while, then buying as low as I can, then trying to out-guess the high, then sell. Lots of fun, but not my major source of income.
and a good afternoon to you too, mr. 'I'll argue with anybody, and make boasts concurrently'. Make sure you do your "due dilligence" before buying, it helps. 4'8", 8'4", I guess any height will do, as long as you got the money, and the courage to chance your money. LOL.
I see eric-the-nothing crawled out from his mom's basement and fired up her computer, while she goes out and earns them a living. Didja toke up in the basement to shake off the hangover from last night?
pappy, At least they did not use "rain", like I have seen some products of the edumacation system using, LOL!
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Gas Tax May Climb

talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 3:54 PM
I call BEE ESS!!! What trust fund? Since when did the gummint ever put money into a "trust fund" and not take it out, leaving an I.O.U. in it's place?
David296 Wrote: 32 minutes ago (12:21 PM) There is NO CONNECTION between ACA and The VA Health care. ACA is PRIVATE insurance, VA Care is 100% PURE SOCIALIZES CARE. Oh by the by half Governor Sahara Palin signed the EXACT same wording in Alaska's health care (death panel) Law ..EXACTLY! But here excuse was "she didn't know it was there! I see you know your Fixed News talking points !!! David, you are the one using "talking points". ACA is a misnomer. people who had perfectly good insurance have now been dumped into the gutter and must buy insurance that is neither affordable, nor appropriate for them. The ultimate goal of the bumocrats is to scream that the ACA is not fixable, and then go to 'single payer' health care. You know, total socialized care like the rest of the dumbos in socialized countries have. Get some reality in your posts, or go away. When you stop hyperventilating, have a great day, troll.
Dr_Zinj Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:29 AM) Actually, it does define freedom from religion, any of them. "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Congress can't force you to be religious (freedom from religion), and they can't stop you from being religious either (freedom of religion.) Doc, read my post below. You slightly misinterpret the wording, as written, in context of the time it was written.
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