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Wow. Saving Detroit was Expensive

tallen Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 5:03 PM
The government did a real great job with GM which took the $49 Billion and moved their company to China and AND merged with a Chinese Auto Company which is mostly owned by the Communist Chinese Government. Just wait and see what the new name will be in a few years... China Motors!

Maybe President Obama didn’t significantly lower the unemployment levels, or the sea levels, or even the national debt. . . But at least he saved Detroit. And, of course, by “Detroit” the administration means: one particular company in one particular industry. (FYI: Detroit is still on the verge of Bankruptcy.)

We all know the story: America was failing. Financial institutions where tumbling due to the greedy CEOs who actually concerned themselves with delivering a substantial return to their investors. But then came Barack Obama. After throwing his weight – and your money - behind an Auto Industry recovery plan (read: General Motors Bailout, and...

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