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Update: Major Trends in New Jobless Claims

tallen Wrote: Aug 12, 2013 8:19 PM
The stat's mean nothing, unemployment is still up over 18% it's just that there's not many left to be fired or let go from company's that are still afloat. Sure some have gone to part time employment but that figure is very low, most have gone on the higher paying way of life like Welfare which pays way more then unemployment when you add Medical, Food-Stamps, Free-Housing (Section #8)... This is why these programs have doubled in the last 2 yrs. At some time down the road the way it's going there will be a ZERO % ON Unemployment cause there wont be anyone left that could collect it but there will be a third of the Country on the Government gravy train, ("Welfare") until the Country goes belly-up and that will mean Marshal-Law will be declared and the Fema camps will be opened and the UN will be here to take your guns. The Government just ordered another 750 Million more rounds of ammo on top of the 1.6 Billion they've already been buying and those camps are already built.