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Al-Qaida Franchises Continue Terror War on the World

tallen Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 9:33 AM
I just wanted to inform all of you of what happened in my home town..... A gas station owned by Arabs refused to serve (sell) gas to an Airman in uniform, and they continue to refuse to sever service personal in uniform.. This station in my city is a AMA and I'm sure there are many more of them even in your town (City).. I being a Vietnam Vet will never ever go into these stations or any other Arab owned anything.. I also never shop at those Chinese 99 Cent store's, they only sell Chinese made junk made by their slave labor kids.
Four years ago, as his first term began, President Barack Obama ditched the name Global War on Terror (GWOT). Instead of fighting Al-Qaida-inspired terrorism around the world, the U.S. would conduct "overseas contingency operations" (OCO).

Obama's act of oratorical magic -- poof, the global war has ended -- became an awkward problem, however. Real world events subsequently demonstrated that the word "overseas" was at best misleading, if not outright wrong. Detroit, New York and Portland, Ore., certainly aren't overseas, yet militant Islamist-inspired terrorists tried (and fortunately failed) to bomb all three -- Detroit on Christmas 2009, New York's Times Square in...