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Dodging Another UN Bullet

talentscout Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 11:04 PM
They already have. I went a conference at UCLA on "Green" being the new tyranny. The head of the physics dept and fusion scientist said 7 countries have been building a fusion plant in France but that it has been delayed and stalled for the last 5 years. He doubts it will ever be finished. The founder of Earth First said there would be nothing worse than to find a cheap abundant clean energy because of what man would do with it.
Editors' note: This column is co-authored by Duggan Flanakin.

The Future We Want outlined a “common vision” for planetary “sustainable development,” as proclaimed by the “Organizing Partners of the Major Group of NGOs,” to guide the taxpayer-funded Rio+20 summit that ended last week in disarray and acrimony.

The activist organizations that cobbled the document together filled it with hundreds of platitudes and pseudo-solutions to global warming cataclysms, newly reconstituted as threats to resource depletion and biodiversity – and presented as standards and mandates for countries, communities and corporations.

The terms “sustainable development,” “sustainable” and “sustainability” appeared in the original...