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BTW, it takes 8 to 15 private sector jobs to fund ONE public sector job, so more jobs in the public sector is a ponzi scheme.
FYI, businesses aren't in business to employ people. They are in business to make money. Government employees are paid too much. There is no way police and firemen are worth six figure incomes. In California there are dozens of prison guards making in excess of $300K a year with overtime. It isn't up to you to decide what businesses can pay people. 80% of our jobs come from small businesses not "Corporations". Demanding "more for us" would bankrupt most of them. Corporations invest in expanding their business, in research, in product development. That creates more jobs. What you suggest is EXACTLY what caused Greece's bankruptcy. You want that here?
The figures are based on "comparable" jobs. Cubical workers in California are paid more than many business owners. Police and fireman are making six figure salaries. We paid ONE retiree in CA $900K in unused vacation days ON TOP of his six figure pension. Lets not demand less for them but more for us? Gov employees are paid by US. Their union dues fund the elections of the officials who negotiate their contracts. They don't care about the money, they just raise taxes to cover it. That is illegal in the private sector. In the private sector your compensation is based on the value of your job to the company/business. Businesses aren't going to bankrupt themselves because you think you should be paid more. They shouldn't be forced by government to pay you more so you'll be closer to gov employee pay. They aren't in business to employ people. They are in business to make money.
Did anyone ask you if you wanted to pay government employees more than you? They pay nothing into their healthcare or pensions either.
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Dodging Another UN Bullet

talentscout Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 11:04 PM
They already have. I went a conference at UCLA on "Green" being the new tyranny. The head of the physics dept and fusion scientist said 7 countries have been building a fusion plant in France but that it has been delayed and stalled for the last 5 years. He doubts it will ever be finished. The founder of Earth First said there would be nothing worse than to find a cheap abundant clean energy because of what man would do with it.
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