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they need to declare ISIL or ISIS as guilty of genocide. This would open all of the doors of the UN and of course cost US taxpayers even more money since we pay for most of the UN and Nato . However, now Obama has done his shuffle- the Yaziiddis will have to establish a solid govt. to blah blah blah- be the same drival he said during his Iraqii retreat speeches.
The big gulp Mayor rich guy didn't like this Sheriff one bit. Funny how the "tolerant" are ignorant. Sheriff Clarke's no longer on the plantation-and was never on the plantation.
it's all Bush's fault and cheney too. lets get Hillary in a bikini to show up on TV near you!!!!
Now that's an interesting idea.If duels were still legal-who would really win??Obama has taken to heart the use of drones but damn that's expensive as hell did you know what a Harm rocket cost in the 90's? I do. a drone plus w/today's tech- a few drunk Sailors and a mrk19 could wipe out El guieda or how ever you spell it in a heart beat if you found out where they were. Thing is we can't really do that without HUMINT>look that up.It would be nice if we could get someone like Andy by God Jackson in office-wouldn't that be a fracas??
Yes and I'd have done the same. Funny how you have these accounts nearly word for word.How about the torture and slaughter of cuban's against Fidel in the early 60's no word's on the Internet? no radio calls on your I pad? of course not because the people there didn't live to tell you on your Ipad enrichedlife style to tell us about it. Hey the mere fact that the clandestine world is anonymous should have you all aglitter with excitement because the internets allow you to be hidden as those in the cia and the seal teams should be.you don't like it sue some body. Or join the UN as your bosses are a part of.The pionted nature of the Bush derangement sindrome is freaky Bush isnt the PREZZEEY now
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