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Deport the GOP Establishment

takingbackmiami Wrote: May 17, 2012 3:16 PM agrees with either ending legal immigration until 2020 or at minimum, reduce by 90% the amount of legal immigrants allowed either through the H-1B, L-1, lottery & million dollar (fraud)visas. And then there is the Chain migration and nuclear family reinification programs. All told, thousands upon thousands of new immigrants are allowed into the U.S. and we don't need any more. Time for America to take care of Americans.
On no issue is the elite/American divide so great as on immigration. For decades, a majority of Americans have wanted to decrease immigration. Not just illegal immigration -- all immigration.

Nearly three times as many Americans support reducing immigration as want it to stay the same, according to Gallup polls. A grand total of 5 percent of the population want to increase legal immigration -- 10 times less than want to decrease it. I myself would like to deport the people responsible for our current immigration policies.

Our official policy is to turn away scientists in order to make...