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Americans: We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

takeourcountryback Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 11:31 AM
Larry50, i feel the same way!!!! i'll be on the Conservative side also ,and the lib idiots could not even wipe their @#$@$. i wish they would drop off the face of the earth!! but as long as give give give is in effect. we don't stand a chance!

We're five days away from fiscal cliff doom. President Obama cut his Hawaii vacation short to return to Washington in hopes of cutting a deal before January 1. Despite this action, law makers and Americans are growing more pessimistic about whether a deal will actually get done according to Gallup.

 Americans' optimism that President Barack Obama and congressional leaders will reach a budget agreement before Jan. 1 has waned somewhat over the past week. Fifty percent now believe this and 48% are doubtful, a change from the previous three weeks, when the solid majority of Americans were...