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I'm glad people are coming around to seeing benefits of improved relations between the US and Cuba. An exchange of thugs will be very probable.
I've read a dozen book an the Death March and am friends with a survivor.
What I am saying is, yes, you can make excuses for going against the Bible, like torturing people, but it still is wrong.
Excuses for moms who aborts babies then are ok? What if she didn't call them abortions, but enhanced exit programs?
You didn't get them memo? Bad Fox News. "Will likened the events at the IRS to Watergate. That’s his right as a Washington pundit, but we found little evidence (in fact, no one has) linking the actions of the IRS to the Obama White House in the way the Watergate break-in and cover up was orchestrated by Nixon’s White House. That’s part of Will’s point -- a more thorough investigation is merited. But several investigations are under way. Democrats say the Republicans are on an endless witch hunt that conveniently falls during a midterm election cycle, and Republicans say Democrats are protecting Obama and to ice out conservative groups from the elections process. The evidence available so far indicates IRS employees behaved poorly but did so in a silo; it was not reflective of corruption from the White House or external forces."
That argument has left the station and is long gone.
The ones a month old, without any brains or sensations, non, and the rest non.
The immigrant children in the US.
First off, yes. Secondly, the research shows a lot of innocent guys got tortured. There is no way a Christian can justify being pro-torture.
When the US courts sentence people for water boarding, as they did to japanese war prisoners, it should be enough.
As far as rights go, Obama has been as good as Reagan at keeping them.
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