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If Ronald Reagan wasn't a Muslim hater, then why should we?
WJF, A MUSLIM saved Christians in the Kosher Grocery store. It is time to stop lying and be truthful.
I have seen ignorant atheists go through the Bible and pick quotes to make out the religion as stupid, murderous, and sexual perverted. They use real texts often, and yet, someone who has read the whole bible, and who has a good pastor, or rabbi, knows the truth. The Bible, if read not as quotes cheery picked, but as a whole, is I feel the greatest religion in the world. I see that happening with the Koran. You want to know what the Koran says, read it all, and ask Muslims what it means.
Well no, because the 5,000 dead Muslims is a lie. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have died from other Muslims. Either in war, like between Iraq and Iran, or ethnic cleansing as happened in Baghdad after 2003. In deed, ISIS is primarily at war with most other Muslims. They did not begin to kill Americans until we went to protect the Kurds and Christians on the mount.
You can hate Islam if you want, and go about finding as much bad about it as possible. Or, you can start with a clean slate, and read library books about Islam. If I wanted to hate Christians or Jews, I could google i hate christians and jews, and start making a case by all the bad things I read. Do we really want to know the truth?
please, stop with the lies.
Please, don't post lies.
This is what I know. Many thousands of Muslims who knew what reagan did for them, are solid reagan fans and conservatives. What happened at the end, when the US and Soviets were gone, is tragic. The war lords that were empowered, some of whom were pretty blood thirsty, fought over Afghanistan, and destroyed a lot of what was left from the soviet era. Ahmed Rashid, author about the Taliban, said when he saw the youth the taliban recruited in the Madrases in Pakistan, felt pity for them, these afghan boys had never been in afghanistan, did not know the tribal heritage, or the cultural history of afghanitan, and were brian washed by wicked wahabbi/deadism philosophy.
Really? Reagan was actually a Christian.
If people really want to know what liberals think about Islam, this is a very good example.
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