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Warning, this wholesome truth will explode the neocon mind, ( small as it is). December 21, 2014 Since the United States began negotiations with Iran, "that's probably the first year and a half in which Iran has not advanced its nuclear program in the last decade." — Barack Obama
Hardliners want war with Iran, and are upset Obama's sanctions worked so well. The worst part is they will get away with insulting our political system. Republicans don't have a veto proof majority and know it, so this is just pathetic maneuvering. Obama will veto the republican plan, and they will be shocked and cry APPEASEMENT! THE 10% congress strikes again.
What economic good news do you have for the little guy in Wisconsin? It is not a better living, or more pay. Walker seems to Russification Wisconsin. Blasting the middle class to oblivion, and setting up powerful oligarchs. It might not scare most fox news fans, but beleive me, the locals in Russia have it bad.
The nuts and bolts of Walker's leadership in Wisconsin is devastating! "MILWAUKEE — As Washington and Madison fiddle, this city’s middle class is in slow free fall. First, the numbers. From 1970 to 2007, the percentage of families in the Milwaukee metropolitan area that were middle class declined from 37 to 24 percent, according to a new analysis by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission." You got to wonder how Walker sleeps at night. If it were me, and the knowing I've ruined so many families would be overbearing.
It is not so superficial as democrats getting "apoplectic". It is the middle class. They have gotten the republican finger, and not one of them plans on doing a thing about it. Wisconsin's middle class got left behind more than most. Only way for Walker to win will be to pay billions for smoke, and muddle the facts.
I hope is picked. There needs to be some discussion why his state lags so far behind the other states in the economic recovery. "Three Years Into Mr. Walker's Term, Wisconsin Lags Behind Minnesota In Job Creation And Economic Growth." In a New York Times op-ed, University of Minnesota professor Lawrence Jacobs pointed out that Minnesota "adopted some of the most progressive policies in the country" as opposed to Walker's austerity measures and found that "Wisconsin lags behind Minnesota in job creation and economic growth": Once Americans find out Walker is a fraud, we can finally burry the notion that oligarchies, like in Russia, make a country sound. All Hillary has to ask Walker how well the middle class have faired, and it will all be over.
Another lie, and a pretty important one. Maybe Jindal will be better, at least he is honest. January 9, 2015 "The difference over the (previous) four years between where things were headed and where we brought them to over the last four years is a total of $816 in saved property tax money." — Scott Walker "We judged the statement to be not only inaccurate but ridiculous because the $680 wasn’t actual money saved. Rather, the figure was strictly based on a hypothetical scenario, which the governor didn’t disclose in making the claim."
Republicans might want to keep an eye on Walker, and double check what he says. Walker, Jan. 13: On top of our economic success, we empowered local school boards to hire and fire based on merit and pay based on performance, so they can keep the best and the brightest in the classroom. And it’s working. Over the past four years, graduation rates are up. Third grade reading scores are up. ACT scores are up — and Wisconsin now ranks second in the country. This was a basic lie, and an important issue. I understand his attempt to lie, and of course, republican t.v. will let him pass on it. "Wisconsin’s average composite score — which the Department of Public Instruction uses to rank states — was unchanged at 22.2 when comparing the 2011 class to the 2014 class. As for individual subjects, the scores for English (21.6) and science (22.3) were the same for both years, and math was 22, a tick lower than the 22.1 score in 2011. "
I will, might wait to see if he gets very far. I don know his foreign policy stuff is a big mystery, which means he might be playing very safe, and bore people. His bosses I saw recently, are anti-war, and anti-iraq war, but on the other side, his partner in his book is one of the worst sorts our shores manages to spit up, a torture apologist and pro-Iraq war.
What has he done for his state?
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