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What Democrats Mean When They Say 'Radical'

Tacitus X Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 12:25 PM
Using coercion or threats of coercion to force others to pay off your political constituents in order to cement yourself in power is immoral. This is true regardless of how you dress it up with sanctimonious verbiage or whether it comes out of the mouths of individuals wearing robes. Jesus was talking about VOLUNTARY charity, not the powerful taxing those without the right political connections. Further, "sacrifice" is precisely what every dictator advocates. No one sacrificed more individuals than Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

With words like "radical" and "extreme" being liberally flung around, it's probably time to define our terms. After all, vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, I am assured, embodies both words in deed and spirit.

These days, radical ideas appear in many forms: a plan offering future seniors a choice of health care insurance or one that marginally cuts back on deficit spending or even a plan -- when things get really, you know, German -- that attempts to balance the budget over two decades.

If a person is to believe his media, he would have to accept that bringing...