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Obama's Chicago Politics: Thuggery Not Civility

Tacitus X Wrote: May 03, 2012 7:17 AM
All this was quite obvious about Obama back when he was a Senator. He was clearly a socialist with a world-class sense of entitlement. Nothing has changed. Anything that aids his quest for power is "good," anything that hinders it is "bad." Anything beyond that is just window-dressing rhetoric to help him gain power.
It has been reported that the Obama campaign this year, as in 2008, has disabled or chosen not to use AVS in screening contributions made by credit card.

That doesn't sound very important. But it's evidence of a modus operandi that strikes me as thuggish.

AVS stands for Address Verification System. It's the software that checks whether the name of the cardholder matches his or her address.

If a campaign doesn't use AVS, it can wind up accepting contributions from phony names or accepting contributions from foreigners, both of which are illegal.

The 2008 Obama campaign pocketed money from "John Galt, 1957 Ayn Rand...