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In Defense of Losing

Tacitus X Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 7:20 AM
I'll take winners like Reagan over losers like Dole, McCain, and Romney any day. "Conservatives" like Greenberg with a loser's mentality are as dangerous as liberals. Just because someone's a loser doesn't mean he's principled or that his principles are good. McCain's immigration stance is a prime example of a losing strategy based on harmful principles.

These are the times that try conservatives' souls. A presidential election has been lost by a convincing margin. The winner has taken the result as a mandate, a license to do ... whatever he wants to do. It is the people's will!

Laws, regulations, executive orders -- all are being readied. All that's needed is the usual legal boilerplate and they'll appear in the Federal Register to decree, mystify and generally order us about.

As for the laws already on the books, they can be conveniently forgotten. Reports go unfiled, deadlines are missed, budgets aren't submitted despite what the law "mandates,"...

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