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Disaster Ignorance

Tacitus X Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 3:03 PM
Your'e the one that seems to be assuming the family that pays $125 has more of a right that the family that pays $500. Calling your notions "common decency and morality" doesn't make it so. Besides, the hotel owner is free to give away the rooms if he wants to. The real question is what is more likely to lead to the optimum allocation of scarce resources: people operating voluntarily in their interests, or coercion by power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats devoted to increasing their power? And how often is coercion the moral choice?
Here's a which-is-better question for you. Suppose a New Jersey motel room rented for $125 a night prior to Hurricane Sandy's devastation. When the hurricane hits, a husband, wife and their two youngsters might seek the comfort of renting two adjoining rooms. However, when they arrive at the motel, they find that rooms now rent for $250. At that price, they might decide to make do with one room. In my book, that would be wonderful. That decision would make a room available for another family who had to evacuate Sandy's wrath. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others condemn this...