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Are People Really That Stupid?

Tacitus X Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 6:48 AM
Actually it favors the members of the teachers unions and government school bureaucrats, who are very happy not to be judged by their actual results. They run from accountabililty like the devil runs from holy water. And don't bother mentioning that there are exceptions. The fact that such people are exceptions tells the story as does the teachers union big labor bosses' fanatical support for statist Democrats.

The mainstream media, Barack Obama, and Democrats either think people are stupid or fools. Has to be one or the other the way they talk to folks and the whoppers they tell.

Let’s begin with the AP this week whose headline; “Faith In The Economy Holds Steady”. Makes sense because faith is belief without evidence. The reason for such faith? Consumer confidence ‘only’ fell to 69.2.

Doesn’t faith in the economy imply a positive outlook? What on earth is positive about a failing grade? The AP must think we’re all idiots.

Going beyond the headlines we learn...