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A Different Kind of History

Tacitus X Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 4:15 PM
Funny too how that "creed" somehow fails to be mentioned at all in the Constitution. If anything, the First Amendment and "no religious test" clause go the other way. Theocracies have been with us throughout ancient human history and were despised by the Enlighenment thinkers including the Founders.

"Before there were houses in this land, there were altars." A timelier reminder you could not get, as we confront realities about immigration and secularization in the United States. It's a point made by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose H. Gomez, as he tries to morally educate, animate, and challenge.

Gomez promotes learning the entire story behind our country's founding. "Immigrant missionaries were naming this continent's rivers and mountains and territories for saints, sacraments and articles of the faith," as he put it in a speech to the Napa Institute last summer.

"Catholics founded America's oldest settlement,...