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Government officials knew there were certain WMD's in Iraq, but didn't set the record straight because they would have had to explain why the US gave Sadam the weapons in the first place. It was easier to let everyone think they didn't exist than explain why they were all made in the USA. Like ISIS now, whoever the US arms to fight the current bad guy, ends up being the next bad guy the US has to fight.
You love looting the rest of the tax payers as much as Obama.
Why is evil necessary?
"As I grow older and am no longer eligible to be drafted, I like the idea of a draft. Also, libertarianism is a dream and socialism is the only real way to have a society." Nice comment!
Didn’t realize that our rights were endowed by our Creator…until war. Why is fascism and totalitarianism made acceptable because of war? If the cause is worthy enough, shouldn’t voluntarism still suffice?
It's funny that patriotism used to be about opposing government rule, but now "serving" (often worshiping) it is glorified above all else.
There is nothing leftist about being anti-draft. The point is that if the government owns your life, they certainly own your money and can choose how much to let you keep. If opposing conscription and taxation makes me a leftist, what does that make you?
Ignorance has nothing to do with this. Conscription is slavery no matter how much you want to drape it in patriotism.
How about using tax dollars to force people to learn basket weaving? NONE of it is the job of the government.
Whether or not politicians rework the constitution to make it acceptable, still does not make it morally right. You can't put a gun in someone's hand and another one to their head. That is a slave.
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