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War is the health of the state. Maybe you wouldn't call everyone pansies if you were at least paying your share of your demands. Instead you pawn it off on your children.
Do you blame marijuana or take responsibility for these actions?
Noninterventionist does not equal pacifist. Please learn that much if you care at all to understand classical conservatism and its point of view.
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Why Beheading?

TabSpangler Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 10:47 AM
"And by killing American and British hostages with such sadistic relish, it aims to intensify the desire of many in the West to wash their hands of involvement in Iraq once and for all." Nonsense. They are trying to provoke war with the US. ISIS needs the US to give their cause credibility as much as the US government is begging for approval to invervene AGAIN. Bombing them and killing civilians will only give credibility to their cause throughout the region. The beheadings are the hook and we are the fish.
All part of a balanced "portfolio."
Whether you believe it or not, these issues are all tied together. You couldn't have this foreign policy without unchecked central banking and debt.
He actually tends to lean more towards allowing competing currencies rather than try to make the government responsible for keeping a gold standard (again).
If anarchy is not legally mandating that I accept a worthless piece of paper as payment, maybe those guys are on to something...
So if government doesn't print your money, it is anarchy (your term for chaos)?
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Just War Theory and ISIS

TabSpangler Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 2:41 PM
Steve, I appreciate how you admitted to Tom Woods that libertarians were right about Iraq and we all need to be more skeptical. Please keep that in mind before you promote another round over there. While I also appreciate the tenets of just war theory, they are so ambiguous that it can be used to justify BOTH sides of virtually every war. This means it ends up promoting war more than its purpose of limiting it.
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