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Bringing Selfish Back

TabSpangler Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 8:08 AM
This article reaches pretty far to connect Christianity with Rand's objectivist philosophy. A lot of it doesn't mix. The part she's trying to highlight could be summed up with the term, "RATIONAL SELF INTEREST." This is what gets mislabled as greed when it USUALLY isn't.
Step aside, Justin Timberlake. Let’s bring selfish back, y’all!

Last week, I wrote that if you are a Christian, you must embrace Ayn Rand’s economic philosophy (capitalism). Today, I will explore this further.

To recap, philosophers who came before Christ (think Aristotle), philosophers who rejected Christ (think Rand) and philosophers who accepted Christ (think Thomas Aquinas) concur that human laws must stem from natural law, which stems from reason. Said differently, all rational thinkers embrace natural law. Capitalism is the most rational political system and therefore the best political expression of natural law, so rational Christians...