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The Historical Jesus

t252 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 8:04 PM
please don't bring the filth of islam into this discussion. And, no Judaism and islam are not rooted in nearly the same tenets. muhammad stole ideas from both Christianity and Judaism to try and give credence to a "new religion" with himself as it's "prophet" for power.

Every once in a while, we hear a false charge. A charge that has significance during this Lenten season of 2013.

It’s an old lie that seems to keep resurfacing. The accusation is that supposedly there is no historical reliability to Jesus as a person.

In other words, we supposedly can’t know for sure that He even existed historically.

That is so false. For example, Will Durant, the great historian who wrote the series, "The Story of Civilization,"noted in the volume, "Caesar and Christ," that if the same criterion by which some philosophers claim Jesus didn’t really exist as an historical...