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I work in the transportation field so I have to give the DC Metro a pass. They'll have nearly a million people to try and move through public transit, that is one heck of a task. If you want to be upset at anyone be upset at the people. They're the ones attending a rock concert (granted that is a memorial rock concert) instead of going to the cemetery.
They're more upset about the larger perceived racial injustices (I can't comment personally I'm not from there) than this exact one incident, its more of a catalyst. Its similar to how the Afghanis protested in Afghanistan when that guy burned the Qua-ran (spelling?), it wasn't just about that but about the bigger picture.
Democrats don't vote in non presidential years, the republicans will take the senate easily.
Thats what I meant by fluid transfer, ie sex, blood transfusion, sharing needles etc. Ebola can be passed slightly easier by saliva but as long as you don't have someone sneeze directly in your face you should be okay with Ebola.
It passes the same way HIV/Aids does, through body fluid transfer as opposed to something like the common cold which can go airborne.
Why? Ebola is ridiculously hard to transmit.
Yeah I have to agree, I'm 100% for fairness (ie. a woman can do any job a man can do and should be paid the exact same) but the whole wage gap thing bugs me. You can't just average all of the jobs women do vs all of the jobs men do and draw any conclusions from it.
I'd wager the majority of gun deaths are directly related to the drug trade. Americans spend nearly $100 billion a year on illegal drugs. With no government to enforce contracts in the drug trade, it leaves it up to the individuals involved to enforce them.
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Sad News: Jon Huntsman Passes on 2016

T172 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 3:53 PM
Lol Huntsman governed as one of the most conservative governors in the entire country. Go look at his record and come back and tell me with a straight face he is a RINO.
And its been shown that negative ads leave a longer impact on the average person.
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