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"In fact, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas..." Who cares about them? They've already lost all credibility after the Acorn fiasco. They're just as slimy as any liberal activist to me.
[quote]United States: 90.0 firearms per 100 residents #1 in the world Canada: 30.8 firearms per 100 residents #13 in the world[/quote] I stand corrected.
Senators in Canada D.G.A.F they're not elected by popular vote and hold the position for life.
Fun fact, the average Canadian owns more guns then the average American. Granted a lot of Canadians live in the north where guns are basically mandatory.
"Wait a minute. I thought that Canada has strict gun control laws." They do. To get your license you need to pass a written test then send your application into the federal government. There are two types, resticted and non-restricted. Restricted is basically anything that can be concealed (ie. pistols). Rifles are limited to 5 shots in a magazine and pistols 10 shots. If its something like a bolt action or pump shotty you can have as many as you want however, the limit only applies to semi's. There are also some fairly strict rules about transporting guns. There is no registry on any non restricted guns and you can shoot anywhere outside of the city. For restricted, you are only allowed to shoot at a range and must belong to a gun club to even own a restricted and it must be registered with the chief firearms officer. The US has around 8 times more homicides with firearms than canada per person (or around 80 is based on just the numbers). I think though thats because there is a lot more lenient approach to drugs in Canada, and therefore the drug trade is far less violent than the US and therefore far less gang activity.
They're running buses and shuttles nobody won't be able to get there. What takes priority though, one million people or one family? You talk about doing whats right, but a government should exist to serve the needs of the people it represents. If people did the right thing, the government would as well.
I work in the transportation field so I have to give the DC Metro a pass. They'll have nearly a million people to try and move through public transit, that is one heck of a task. If you want to be upset at anyone be upset at the people. They're the ones attending a rock concert (granted that is a memorial rock concert) instead of going to the cemetery.
They're more upset about the larger perceived racial injustices (I can't comment personally I'm not from there) than this exact one incident, its more of a catalyst. Its similar to how the Afghanis protested in Afghanistan when that guy burned the Qua-ran (spelling?), it wasn't just about that but about the bigger picture.
Democrats don't vote in non presidential years, the republicans will take the senate easily.
Thats what I meant by fluid transfer, ie sex, blood transfusion, sharing needles etc. Ebola can be passed slightly easier by saliva but as long as you don't have someone sneeze directly in your face you should be okay with Ebola.
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