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You can't take a child into a job interview, thats an instant interview-ender.
This is actually a negative effect of free-market media. Investigating journalism costs too much for its return, its much cheaper and more profitable to simply put out fluff stories.
"How quickly we forget that Republican candidates cleaned up during the 2010 midterm elections, picking up scores of House seats (regaining majority control of that chamber) and a handful of Senate seats, too." But don't ask us about 2012 where republicans lost the popular vote for the house by 1 and a half million as well as the presidential election. Personally, I think it will take somebody like Rand Paul to bring in the necessary votes to make the republican party competitive again.
"Predictably, Congress and the White House are pointing fingers at each other over who’s responsible for the statute’s repeal." "...after Congress quietly lifted the 10-year statute of limitations in 2011 on money owed to Uncle Sam." We know exactly who is responsible.
I tend to avoid answering hypotheticals. Would those who voted 3rd party have stayed home? Voted D? Voted R? You can't ever know what could have been,
0.99% of voters chose Johnson. Even if they all voted for Romney, Obama is still president.
"In 2012, a vote for Gary Johnson most certainly did equal a vote for Obama. Some of us tried to warn these libertarian hardheads about that, but they wouldn't listen." You know what? You're doing more harm than me by just automatically voting for the republican party. That's why guys like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney get chosen, because the GOP knows their base will complain but then shut up and just vote for them regardless. Maybe if you actually sent the GOP a message saying we won't vote for guys like that, it would have an actual impact.
Even if everybody who voted for Gary Johnson voted for Obama, Obama still would have won.
What argument? Last time the republicans had control of the government they blew up the deficits and absolutely exploded the size of it. Vote for more of that? No thanks.
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