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Nixon was more honest. Bush was more competent. he*l - carter didn't do this much damage. I just want to know how long it's going to take to get all the roaches out of justice, irs, the epa and the like when this pos is gone. obama delenda est obama delenda est
WHEN IS ONE OF THESE (unprintable) GOING TO JAIL???????? And to the new white house designated liar: your boss may think we're stupid. you may think we are stupid. keep treating folks like that - they are gradually waking up. obama delenda est
Do I know you? The 12 ga is already loaded w/ slug. But I don't think it will be needed after my 1911. And LOTS and LOTS of practice. (Watermelons tremble when I come into sight!!) obama delenda est
Look up Cloward-Piven obama delenda est
Dey ain't gonna be comin' afta anybody ta get da money back. Dey usin da same computer dat irs broad was ta keep track, and it busted when dey wanted it to. Git wid da program and vote dimmicrat!! (Disclaimer: insults intended) obama delenda est
You are damned right you won't take them away, buckwheat. obama delenda est
but will she "heel"? obama delenda est
1) They have no minds 2) They change as often as the listeners that are in front of them, which is probably more than your sock replacement... 3) They say only what they expect will fool the audience 4) Some audiences are more gullible and want to be fooled, so it makes it easier... obama delenda est
And we're coming for your little dog, too - debbie.... obama delenda est
Can you hear me now? heh heh heh... obama delenda est
There is only one reason I would not want to impeach this pos - joe biden. obama delenda est
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