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Hanging them is too quick and short term. Return the spoils of their crimes to the American People first. (confiscate their pensions and property as criminal proceeds - NOW let's see who would like to have a conversation...) obama delenda est
No. (about the emails - making up history now?) But I do remember Richard Nixon being impeached over abusing power in the IRS and a missing 18 minutes of recorded conversation that was used against him... Now, your next trick is waiting. Wash up. obama delenda est
I wish the media WERE apathetic to dear leader. They cover his rear end no matter what - I think if dl shot a guy on live TV, as long as it were a republican, the media would howl in unison that the victim deserved it. The major media has about as much credibility as the IRS does, possibly less. obama delenda est
I want her given to a horde of taxpayers who have had audits from her trained chimps. Jail is wayyyy too good. obama delenda est
your next trick is waiting. wash up. obama delenda est
What is so insulting about thee lies is the democraps lie to the faces of the American people and EXPECT the American people to just believe them - to be so mind-numbingly, weapons-grade STOOOPID as to buy these tales!! Oh, the six people in the IRS who JST HAPPENED to be the epicenter of felony-grade (no exaggeration) action had all records (read: evidence) of their felonies just magically disappear... The data fairies must have been busy protecting dear leader and his winged chimps... My Grandchildren think up better stories than that... Time to slap them in jail. obama delenda est
So, lst, YOU believe the IRS?? Please call the IRS head and tell him so. It will give him soooooo much happiness to think that ANYONE believes him. (BTW: I have a really historic bridge for sale...) What a complete p u t z you are.... obama delenda est
Tell me, how do you get the information when the equipment has been desroyed, and the very people doing the "investigating" (DOJ) are motivated by self interest not to find anything? obama delenda est
Just out of curiosity - what would the IRS do to an audited individual or business who offered the same excuse to them? Say - Oh, sorry bout that - have a good day??? NOT BLOODY LIKELY. obama delenda est
Fire with prejudice everyone in the IRS above the level of clerk who was even, at any point in the last six years, in the same building as these cretins unless someone talks. With prejudice means every one has everything that has gone added to thier work history - prevent them from working in the field. I'll bet some technician somewhere talks... obama delenda est
Nixon was more honest. Bush was more competent. he*l - carter didn't do this much damage. I just want to know how long it's going to take to get all the roaches out of justice, irs, the epa and the like when this pos is gone. obama delenda est obama delenda est
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