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And thus you spake... Pardon me, why should I give a methane-induced emission what you think? So you don't care - big deal, chump. You and the arrogant narcissist in DC and her ol man can together not brew me a beer worth drinking. YOU. DO. NOT. MATTER. obama delenda est
" If the Dems win the next election which is likely" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Dude, WHAT ARE YU SMOKIN??!!?? Have you LOOKED at Hillery?? No wonder billy was boffin the hired help!! obama delenda est
Cher? CHER?? Some is quoting this has-been? I met this broad and she looks like shes' been ridden hard and put away wet. She should pay her makeup crew combat pay. Without the tammy fay spackle this chick has the intelligence of arugula and the appeal of helen thomas. obama delenda est
Cut the "unhelpful" garbage... The current Whitehouse squatter and her ol' man are as American as any third-world, narcissistic arrogant empty suits will allow. They probably don't even KNOW a world exists beyond their own little selves, and would be astonished to learn that the rest of the world, let ALONE America, does not exist solely to wipe their behinds. They simply don't know any better. Blame the democraps for enabling these losers. obama delenda est
Check on the CCW - being in Pennsylvania it's a lot easier than when I lived in the peoples rethuglic of new jerkey. (Spelling VERY intentional) But let me offer my 0.02 - (1) Do not go for headshot - it's a smaller target and can move easily. Go for center of mass. (2) Double tap is your friend. Personally, I prefer any weapon that starts with a "4". A .45 hollowpoint is not called a "flying ashtray" fer nuttin'.. obama delenda est
Simple. Revoke the stupid "gun free zone" (I call a target-rich environment for dirtbags) designation and let responsible citizens carry. Concealed. Let the dirtbags wonder if when they pull their hardware out and yell abooboo akbarf they aren't going to meet mohamhead personally in the next second. I'm carrying anyway. Or I don't go into your sheep pens to be slaughtered. obama delenda est
Why not simply let the state go bankrupt and let the ba$tards freeze and starve? They asked for it... obama delenda est
Publish the A-Hole Sheriffs' name!!! This is why people distrust and are beginning to despise LEOs!! obama delenda est
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Obama's Failed Presidency

T115 Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 1:06 PM
Get Iran to stop Nuclear Development?? Have you changed your name from lois-whateverthedope?? This goes beyond delusional... you need to seek professional mental heath help. Please - move to new york city so when the first one goes off you cease to defends this fool of a winged monkey. obama delenda est
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Jordan's 'Eye For an Eye' Response

T115 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 12:48 PM
Identify ISIS help areas. Carpet bomb it using cluster munitions and napalm. Do not leave one brick on top of another or one creature with a pulse. You want barbarism? We can do that. We don't WANT to fight a war, but if you force us to we will not be restrained by any hese stupid "proportional response" stupidities. War is ugly, nasty, evil and to be avioded at ALMOST costs - but when you fight in a war you break the others guys stuff and you kill their people. PERIOD. One side or the other runs out of stuff or people. Then WAR stops. Too bad we have dumbo spineless and his band of winged monkeys who think our Military are meals on wheels or lab rats to be exposed to ebola for no good reason. Or pawns in his redistribution game to shell out more money to the lice of society. (Yes, I am tired of the PC and have no more patience with it...) obama delenda est
AtB _ lois is our weapons grade troll. If stupidity were explosive power it would make the Mike shot look like a misfired squib. Wonder how shes' gonna react when the joooooos stop forking over money to massah barry and da demoklan types. Dey gonna run outta other peoples money even faster. obama delenda est
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