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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

T115 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 10:49 AM
Partially - you still have the three brain-dead broads and the lib fool who wouldn't know how to follow the real US Constitution if you engraved it on an aluminum baseball bat and beat them in the skull with it. When is the "wise latina" going to unleash that intellect? When is the professor going to remember the facts instead of her feelings? When the ginsturd going to stop drooling? When is breyer going to have a brain cell fire? obama delenda est
You got a good 'un there, Mom. Please give her an extra hug from another proud Dad - and ex-soldier. obama delenda est
Hey, kim dung pissant - tell me again why I should care? obama delenda est
The whole lib plan is to make my firearms the same as their porn - try to make me ashamed or self-concious. Got it. Not playing. Like operation choke point, it is to be a death of a thousand cuts rather than the known frontal assault on the Second Amendment which they know will be responded to.. er.. strongly. obama delenda est
And would any of these so-called "evolved" broads recognize Eddie Eagle? Or is that to Neanderthal? The arrogance of these libs is what completely makes me despise them. Shove your attitude in the same spot you put your "toys". obama delenda est
No. Including buckwheat and his semi-trained chimps, including the flying monkey himmler.... err... holder. obama delenda est
dream on. Issa is having a professional grade liar to testify. I wonder if she knows the meaning of "is"? obama delenda est
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Bill and Hillary Hypocrisy Alert

T115 Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 2:14 PM
Chelsea ain't no kid, Bill ain't no Man, and sHrillary ain't no lady. obama delenda est
Hanging them is too quick and short term. Return the spoils of their crimes to the American People first. (confiscate their pensions and property as criminal proceeds - NOW let's see who would like to have a conversation...) obama delenda est
No. (about the emails - making up history now?) But I do remember Richard Nixon being impeached over abusing power in the IRS and a missing 18 minutes of recorded conversation that was used against him... Now, your next trick is waiting. Wash up. obama delenda est
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