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Shawn Mitchell - extremely well stated!!
sorry for the type-o's I was ticked as I was writing!
What an incredible load he is dumping! -- Benghazi was blown off - we lost Americans in that. To safe this ONE life we sacrificed MANY Americans.. And Kerry wants us to believe that they are concerned about American lives? -- if the terrorists do anything again there will be consequences? What consequences, no dessert? Perhaps a bad word? Maybe a stern look? What a load! I have no nicer way to state that!
How can any one feel pity for them? She said several times over - HOUSES - plural. That was a "NEED"? Oh the suffering, the hardship? This says much about Bill & Hillary if they were incapable of handling their own finances. I REALLY hope people listen hard to what she said, and do not end up choosing her in 2016 (or any year).. she is a "queen" .. she found no value or importance in the lives lost in Benghazi, and she considers suffering having to buy houses, and living on a meager income of multi-millions?? good grief! She is garbage.
Please do not give her any suggestions on how she can (fake it) to win the next election -- let her continue what she is doing, let her keep blatantly lying, and self-involved... let the people see & know that. Remember with Obama it was clear who and what he was, his past has more than enough warnings -- but he fooled (enough) people to get in.. not once but twice... PLEASE let's not repeat the same disaster.. let's get the US back!
Collection of the most insincere apologies -- Who watches those sleaze bags?
That was EXCELLENT - well said, and needs to be said! -- Thank you Doug Giles!
He is a looney toon.. Believing voting legally & honestly is "un-American" -- that says way more than he likely intended, but sadly the cheers from his "crowd" still yet remain clueless, sad & scary that those people likely vote (and more than once per an election)
Pay attention to your "local representatives" - if your representative is or sounds like these two slithering spineless stammering snakes - get rid of them asap. If they can not stand up and have an opinion, how can they represent the people who chose them? This breed of politician is a HUGE part of the problem.. and it needs to stop.
What 17 year old would do this? -- besides this being bumbling Biden (perhaps this was a bet she lost?) -- but at 17 surely she is aware of his age, and the legal issue there. -- surely she is aware he is married. So how ridiculous, inappropriate & disturbing could this be? -- again Biden?? has to be a bet she lost.
Not a Walters fan.. but perhaps her point was there is no one interesting out there, so this pile of excrement is as interesting as it gets.. vs her actually promoting Hillary has anything special. -- just a thought.
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