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It isn't a "double standard". It's a "different standard". It is acceptable for Hillary Clinton, then a candidate for the nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America, to tell a story of her experience under fire that was shown to be completely untrue. She didn't have to apologize, she wasn't punished. She simply said, "I must have misspoke", and moved on with her campaign for the Presidency. And so, it is apparently acceptable for politicians to lie. But, news reporters are apparently expected to be truthful. And so, Brian Williams, who has admitted his transgression, and apologized, has been suspended, and may have lost his plush job for good. Moral? If he wants to tell lies, he should run for the Presidency.
We're so lucky, here in the USA, because Obama is our President. We don't have terrorism, like Europe does. Under Obama, the USA only has "workplace violence".
JFK must have been a crazed lunatic! He actually brought the US to the brink of war with the USSR, when Kruschev acted on Castro's invitation to base nuclear weapons in Cuba. Happily, Kruschev was a peaceful kind of guy, and he turned around the Soviet ships and prevented a war. Despite that crazy JFK! No such problem with Obama. He isn't concerned about peaceful Russian actions, like landing nuclear bombers in Cuba, or docking warships with nuclear weapons in Cuba. After all, Castro must have invited Russia to do that, as he had done in the past. But, past US Presidents were not at enlightened as Obama. Certainly, if Obama had been President, he never would have risked a war by confronting the Soviet ships carrying nuclear weapons. In fact, he probably would have scrapped existing US policies, and invited Russian planes and ships to land in the USA.
Israel's policies concerning the Temple Mount have been very magnanimous, with respect to Muslim access and even control, but, with what result? Islamic clerics have continued to preach “death to the Jews”, and Muslims have continued to attack Israel, and to declare their intent to destroy Israel. And so, clearly, something else must be done. Israel should implant explosives around the Al Aqsa Mosque and declare that the next Muslim attack on Israel will bring the destruction of the Mosque. That idea may shock some, but I am not suggesting that Israel should decide to destroy the Mosque. Rather, I am suggesting that Israel should force the Muslim leaders to choose between continuing violence against Israel, or, continuing to have their Mosque. My suggestion will put the future of the Mosque squarely in the hands of the Mullahs who incite the Muslim violence toward Israel. They can issue Fatwas, prohibiting any attacks on Israel, or, they can see their Mosque destroyed. They can decide against terrorism and havetheir Mosque, or they can continue terrorism, and lose it. If the strategy is successful, Israel will enjoy a respite from attacks. And, if the strategy is not successful, Israel will be no worse off than it is now, surrounded by Muslim entities that want to destroy it, and criticized by the largely anti-Semitic Western World, which panders to the Muslim World, . And, if the strategy is not successful, and the Mosque is destroyed, Israel can clear the site and commence reconstruction of the Jewish Temple. The Europeans, Obama, and other anti-Semites would condemn that, since the concern of the Europeans and Obama for their relations with the Muslim World are far greater than their concern for Israel’s survival and prayer at the Jewish Holy Sites. . The silence of the West during the period when Muslims controlled the Temple Mount, and denied Jewish access to Jewish Holy Sites attests to that. If it was a Jewish Temple sitting on the Mount, and the Muslims gained control, they would destroy it and commence construction of a Mosque on the site, as they have done with so many Jewish temples and synagogues in the past. Wouldn't they?
Not happy at the White House? Not even as a vacation home?
Does this mean that Hagel anticipates more "workplace violence"? Was this belated recognition of a threat due to the guidance provided by the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama has appointed to his White House Advisory Councils? Or, was in in spite of their guidance? Is it the reason for the current emphasis on making the US military a friendlier place for transgenders? Are Obama and Hagel going to dress in drag to set an example for the military?
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Dumb Politicians Won't Get Elected

Sydney17 Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 4:20 PM
Maybe they can't be dumb, but they certainly can't be honest.
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This is not crime, this is war

Sydney17 Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 3:52 PM
What would Obama do, if an attack on the USA like the 9/11 attack occurred? First, he would make a speech, condemning the video that was the cause of the attack. He would go on to condemn the perpetrators, and pledge to cooperate with the UN in an investigation to identify the perpetrators and to bring them to justice. He would remind everyone that Islam is the religion of love, and that terrorism is the work of a tiny minority. Then, he would travel around the world, apologizing for the arrogance of the USA. He would bow and kiss the ring of the King of Saudi Arabia, the country from which the attackers originated. He would appoint more members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his White House Advisory Councils. And, he would undoubtedly win another Nobel Peace Prize for his refusal to allow the attack to jeopardize world peace.
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Giving Thanks to Our Veterans

Sydney17 Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 2:53 PM
On this Veterans Day the nation expresses its appreciation for those who served, especially for those who gave life or limb. At the same time, the nation should express its outrage that politicians have sent our military into battles that they are not permitted to win, to pursue obscure or even undefined objectives. The last war that the USA unquestionably won was WWII. Some may say that we won the war in Iraq, but the success or failure of war is displayed in the outcome, and the ultimate outcome in Iraq has erased the value of whatever may have been won in battle. In WWII, the US carpet bombed German industrial cities, turning them into ashes and rubble. The US carpet bombed and nuked Japanese industrial cities, turning them into ashes and rubble. Those were horrendous actions, but war is horrendous. We did those things in order to achieve the unconditional surrender of enemies whose horrendous deeds had taken American lives and jeopardized the civilized world. We demanded unconditional surrender as the only acceptable result for those who unconditionally gave their lives and limbs. But, the result of WWII was a far cry from the results of the “limited” and “police” actions that have occurred since. Our military are committed to risk their lives and limbs by politicians who don’t have the faintest idea of what war is like, and for whom political ambitions are the driving force. On this Veterans Day, the sight and sound of a politician, raising his chin in a Mussolini-like posture, pontificating about the selfless sacrifice of our wounded and fallen, offends me. Let those who truly understand what those who served have endured, and why they have sacrificed, honor them. On this Veterans Day, let the politicians be quiet and stay out of sight, so as not to pollute the honor that is due, and that is being given to our Veterans.
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