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He must've glimpsed MSNBC's credibility rating...which is currently at 5%. That's the percentage of people who believe what they say is accurate.
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After Geneva

Swisstoons Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 5:06 PM
Here's the similarity: Germany was an expansionist power; Iran is an expansionist power. Germany's leaders were notorious liars to get what they wanted; Iran lies to get what it wants. Germany was led by fanatical leaders who believed their destiny was to rule the world; Iran is led by fanatical leaders who believe their destiny is to rule the world. Germany was forbidden by treaty to strengthen its military; Iran is forbidden by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty to build nukes, but continues on a path to nukes and already has the missiles on which to mount them. Germany wanted to rid the world of Jews; Iran wants to rid the world of Jews. Germany tricked the world into believing their intentions were peaceful. Iran has the idiots of the world believing they pose no threat to the world. There are enough similarities between Germany and Iran to be mightily alarmed at the incompetence and credulousness of Obama and Kerry in dealing with Iran.
Two-thirds of the Senate are required to RATIFY a treaty. Because of the cluelessness of Obama and Kerry in not securing the pastors release NOW...at this stage...the Iranians will no doubt make the pastor's release contingent on ratification! The incompetence of The Obama Gang knows no bounds! Nothing but boobs and bunglers...except when it come to stealing elections. They have no equal in that regard.
Did I see this guy sitting on someone's porch last Halloween with a candle in his mouth??
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