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I'm not. I'm just insisting they pay for it.
1. Humans 2. Crackwhores 3. Retarded Crackwhores 4. Lois
It won't even pass the Senate. Thanks for plating the "Let's Use An Isolated Incident To Solve A Non-Existent Problem Game". We have some nice parting gifts for you on the way out.
For $899.00, one could rent your mom for the next 5 years.
"we'll have those n&%^$ers voting democrat for the next 200 years." - Lyndon Johnson
Is your buddy's mother Repnextdoor?
Speaking of plants, the ones in your mom's bedroom would have fascinating stories, if they could talk.
He has offered up cogent, though incorrect, arguments in the past. lately, he's been more of a crackwhore.
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