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Once again....please leave our country
Once're an idiot
Allison....your liberal leaning is going to get more people killed. Like I said before....when the bad guys break into YOUR house.....what do you want the outcome to be? Do u want the cops to have a whistle and a stick?.....or do u want them to come in there locked and loaded to stop what horrific things are getting ready to happen to you and your family? You just keep thinkin on the liberal agenda....and guys like me will always be there to bail your dumbas out....tard
Don't forget you're a dimwit
Your heart broke for some fake tears? You really are an idiot. Why don't u just move to another country, because this one is effd up enough without your dumbas
Is your head in the sand? The bullsht you spew sounds good on paper..but you really need a life lesson. Do u work in a cubicle...surrounded by coworkers that kiss your a$$ all day? Do me a favor and never comment on this incident......EVER!!! You are one of the morons that I fight against everyday. Just be quiet and never type again.
Kate....geezus girl....they already HAVE the campus police officer at pretty dam near every school in the US.It would take about 10 officers to make a school really secure. Do you think your town or county is gonna pay for that? What you need to do is go and get yourself a small handgun, keep it in your purse, then you can be the keeper of the children. Just make sure the saftey's off.
Dude, you're missing the entire point. Obviously you've never worked in law enforcement. Bad guys look for opportunity. Normal criminals would never do this....fuked individuals will. Don't try and compartmentalize this psychotic, pathetic coward with anyone that may have a slight mental illness. Do you want to stop things like this from going on? Then arm the principal and the staff. I'll rip your a$$ a new one on this.........don't even try and retort
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