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Walk into any gun store and ask to see their "assault weapons" section. They're either gonna laugh atcha, or give you the dumbest look ever. David578 wrote"guns are dangerous, it's a fact". Well of course they are man, but if I shot you with a .357 mag, or a Glock 40...would you really care about the differences in either? These dumarse libs are a$$ clowns. Tell all the politicians and Hollywood elites that they're going to have to get rid of their armed posse...and just hope for the best. I wonder what answer you'd get?
mlew....I would retort to your elementary education....but you still wouldn't understand. You're the poster child of why not everyone in this country should be allowed to vote.
The sad thing is.....that your dumbas gets to vote. Do us all a favor and please don't procreate.
Like I've asked you before Shirley.....when thugs are breakin your door down.....what the hell are you gonna do? Can't call the police cause they've got guns, which you so adamantly oppose. Gonna call your boyfriend....nope....he doesn't believe in violence. Hmmmm...what a conundrem. My guess is that you both scream like little girls and call the police anyway. Please stop taking away precious oxygen from this planet. There are some real men that need it more than you.
nodeass.....I just wish you'd take a buckshot mouthwash
and you're still an effing moron...go play with your Ken doll
such a girl
Dam skippy Doug...and every male classmate I knew carried a pocket-knife...and this was in elementary school. Nobody got stabbed and noone ever pulled their knife out in anger.....sooooo....what the hell has happened to the country?
You just don't know when to stop.....were you one of the Occutards movement? Did daddy not hug you enough growing up? Where did u learn this pitiful diatribe? You're like a lemming....just doing what you're told without a single thought for yourself.
Wayne....caligirl has one brain cell that bounces around her empty head. She'll be the first to look for a man to protect her when the sht hits the fan....but she's caught up in this liberal cali nonsense that makes her feel empowered. God bless you girl....you're gonna need it....and don't call a male when ur btch a$s is in trouble.
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