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Global Warmers and Stupidity Credits

swestrick Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 6:49 AM
While congress did not read the obamacare bill but they voted to pass this mess to us the American people, they the Senators should also have to give up their exclusive healthcare packages and replace it with what they fed us the AMERICAN PEOPLE who PAY for them to be in office ,the same crappy obamacare!!! This article is just missing a little more elaboration on the healthcare issue. Thanks for this well written article on CARBON CREDITS....KUDOS to CRAIG STEINER. Now I just have to figure out how to SCAM the Gov"t..Wait I figured it out. With all The HOT AIR coming out of Congress..I could capture the exhailed CO2 from the Democratic Senators and could make trillions and pay off our countries debt!!!!
Magna Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 7:42 AM
It was the previous Liberal Leftist Congress led by the biggest Kook of all time Fancy Nancy and her matching brethren in the Senate at the time Puny Harry Reid -what a dynamic duo of destruction and mayhem -with leaders like this why do you think the US of A is going in to the Abyss ?
Global warming is nothing but a shame -tell me -what was happening back in the Dust Bowl Days ? -was that Global Warming then or just another natural warming cycle as we are experiencing now-why were they predicting an Ice Age back in the 70's -what happened to that ! I have the Time and Newsweek magazines declaring such-Carbon Credits Scam!Al Gore Scam!

I've never met a politician that is smarter than the free market.

Or a scientist.

Or an economist.

The problem with elitist "management" of "free" markets is the inevitable unintended consequences. Sometimes those consequences are accurately predicted by conservatives. Other times it takes turning the government micro-management loose on the free market to see what happens.

They quickly figured out that they could earn one carbon credit by eliminating one ton of carbon dioxide, but could earn more than 11,000 credits by simply destroying a ton of an obscure waste gas...