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Allen West Ad: These Democrats Said 'No' to God Three Times

swenzel520 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 9:18 AM
I'm really surprised that no one has pointed out the obvious if Obama gets his way and taxes the "rich" more. Think about it! THEY won't be the ones paying, as usual, we will. They will simply charge more for their songs, music, movies, books, products, etc. WE will be paying their supposed "fair share"! Wake up, people!

It was only a matter of time before these ads started cropping up.  As I wrote yesterday, every Republican running for office should use this epsiode to embarass and throw opponents off-message.  Being forced to clarify that one opposes booing God and Jerusalem isn't exactly the political terrain on which most Democrats would prefer to fight.  It must burn the Left that Rep. Allen West won the 'booing God' derby, especially since he's smartly exploiting their own revealing, self-inflicted wound: