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Resolve to Conquer or Die

sweinstein Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 1:42 PM
Wow there is so much constructive comment in this column, so many suggestions ... ?
No, what he "meant" was that people should pay taxes and not worry about worldly things.
That tinfoil hat is on way too tight.
Aside from the fact that he's not doing that, that's not technically illegal — and certainly a deportable offense for a non-citizen.
You can't deport someone for criticizing the Constitution. You people are living in Lalaland.
Because heaven forbid you should be confronted with an idea you don't agree with.
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Best Holiday Story Ever

sweinstein Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 1:21 AM
"In 1992, six Jewish people from Los Angeles decided to go to the Republican National Convention in Houston." This makes an intro into a joke with a punchline. As a coherent column ... not so much.
Gee, funny Mike Adams didn't tackle this. Could he be afraid of upsetting the other faculty members? Ooooh, brave man!
Maybe your side should go after your big-shot spokesperson Chuck Norris first.
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Question John Kerry Long and Hard!

sweinstein Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 12:25 PM
Another epic fail from Ken. GOP senators have said he'll sail through hearings.
Newt just came out for same-sex marriage.
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