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You know as much about the economy and free markets as does Obama and any third grader.
You, obviously, don't know what you are talking about and yon't don't understand basic economic principals. Therefore, your opinion is worthless.
"First of all, they are not "attacks." LOL. Second, the idea that liberals apply morality to everything money as contrasted to their stark absence of morality in the destruction of a fetus, or in the relationships between people is absurd and hypocritical to the nth degree.
What part of Richard Tate don't you understand? Wikipedia is your friend.
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The Washington Post Bullies Romney

swcoolbreeze Wrote: May 16, 2012 1:48 PM
"But to equate using drugs as a college student, which harms no one but yourself..." What a tiresome argument. Tell it to the family members of the tens of thousands killed in the drug war in Mexico. They'd be happy to know.
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