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Racism is alive in the moron wing of the democrat party.
Silence is a great comeback during times like these because that gaff will now linger.
Obama says " Romney is going to let Wall Street run wild?" If Obama was at the debate he would know Romey said no such thing.
If Obama was confused by Romney's "lies" then voters should be ecstatic he wants to sit face-to-face with the Iranian's, Russians, and Chinese.
Pay attention. The focus group was comprised of non-committed voters. Not those who don't vote, can't vote, or are who have been bought by free phones, contraceptives, abortions, or the myriad other gov't subsidies and give-aways.
"Oh, God, here comes the Jimmy Carter moment". Priceless.
And your point is? They lost.
What a bunch of nonsense. "The capitalism and free-enterprise favored by the Dems " is an oxymoron.
You know as much about the economy and free markets as does Obama and any third grader.
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