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Public Sector Union Promoting Romney's "Trash Man"

swayze55 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 5:07 PM
Wonder what they paid this fool. He gives the black race a bad name - still on the plantation taking orders and can't even speak well. But not old Barack cuz he's half white and it's his white part that got him through school right? Sick of all the racism from democrats who love to use the downtrodden as they (themselves) sit fat, rich and laughing all the way to the banks. The Obama's wouldn't be caught dead with this guy. They bought in a majority white neighborhood, sent their kids to uppity private schools and go to all white vacation spots; yeah, they're real in touch with their black brethren - give us a break, these people care about minorities like the democrats care about the unborn!!!
SOUL-brother Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 1:45 AM
Not as much as the 30 million the right pays Rush and Hannity,.You just like the racism that comes from the right I notice.You white people don't know the genetic laws in America.If one has one drop of black blood "you are black" OK.You are a sad case,you want Obama and his kids to stay in the hood.. Martha s vineyard is not an all white vacation spot,there is a part called the Ink well ,for rich blacks on the Island OK I been there have you?
restoreliberty Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 10:50 AM
Obama has never lived a single day of his life in the hood. Use google earth, check out Wai Kee Kee in Hawaii. When he lived in Chicago he lived in Hyde Park. The only thing that Obama knows about the hood is how to manipulate the ignorant and undereducated that live there. He is a total fraud.

AFSCME union, the nation's largest and fastest growing public sector union, has tracked down a sanitation worker or trash man named Richard Hayes. Hayes just so happens to be assigned to a route in La Jolla, California where Mitt Romney's home is. The union is trying portray Hayes as "Mitt Romney's trash man" when in reality, Hayes picks up the trash for an entire neighborhood in the City of San Diego and is paid by taxpayers.

Richard Hayes is a City of San Diego sanitation worker. His route includes Mitt Romney’s street in the La Jolla, Calif., community...