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Obama Administration's Transparency: "Pretty Weak"

swayze55 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 9:37 AM
AND THEY ALL CRAWFISHED WHEN THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE CAME OUT - A BUNCH OF COWARDS AS ALWAYS!! Bush, congress, EVERYONE, went on the same intelligence. EVEN former President Clinton stated that Iraq had WMD's and had to be stopped but of course, he didn't have the balls to do anything but other women (other than his wife, ahem). Again, typical of a liberal. No JFK in any of them (except for the philandering).
Government watchdog group Cause of Action yesterday released transparency grades for each of the Obama Administration's executive departments, plus the Environmental Protection Agency. For an administration that prides itself on transparency, the results were not good.

The average grade that Cause of Action gave Obama Administration departments was a C-, with two cabinet-level institutions - the Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce - receiving failing grades.

"President Obama himself actually made a pledge that his Administration would be the most transparent in history," Cause of Action's communications director Mary Beth Hutchins told Townhall. "There's a great inconsistency...