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‘I’m Not a Sixth Grader’: Feinstein and Cruz Go Head-to-Head Over Second Amendment

swayze55 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 9:09 AM
THAT is what all this is about Jay P and it's not unreasonable. Wake up and realize what your government is actually doing. I, for one, dispise our existing gov't. and welcome what the tea party and others are doing to save our country, our rights and our way of life. I wish all liberals would go and live in a communist country (china or russia) and then come back here and try to think for a change. No emotions, just facts. Obama's own Chicago is a killing field and he owns that!

Things got interesting between Sens. Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein today during a Senate Judiciary Hearing on the so-called “assault” weapons ban, which ultimately passed on a party-line vote.

Cruz asked the Democratic lawmaker whether she would consider it “consistent with the Bill of Rights for Congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are contemplating doing with the Second Amendment in the context of the First or Fourth Amendment, namely, would she consider it constitutional for Congress to specify that the First Amendment shall apply only to the following books and shall not apply to the...

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