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Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change

swawrzynek Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 8:57 PM
WOW ! How naive everyone is. Ethanol in or gasoline gives me more than 2 MPG less in mileage and our beef cattle grain feed almost DOUBLED from last year. I drive a used 2008 Caddy DTS, Northstar and used to get 23 miles per gallon. On the open, hilly roads, 25 MPG. This summer, the best I could get was 21 MPG. Winter blend, 20 MPG. OK, so what are we saving ?? I have to buy 2 more gallons of gas, to go the same distance, I did, before they added ethanol !! Now they are going to 15 % ethanol ! HOW STUPID ARE YOU ?? HUH ! There goes the pipeline from Canada to Texas, USA ! We may as well all our children to China ! Thay own us anyway.
In NY, to make the welfare recipients feel MORE EQUAL, we give them FREE CELL PHONES, with 250 talk and text messages per month. AND for ONLY $30.00 more, they can get unlimited talk, text and web. I pay $66.50 per month for 550 minutes of talk only. That includes $14.00 of TAXES. Who is gonna make me MORE EQUAL, after I worked for 25 years and my hubby for 40 years? If they have $30.00 to spend on unlimited service, take away their foodstamps, rent subsidy, free health care, etc, etc. We are heading down the toilet. Remember when Nero fiddled, while Rome burned? Don't ask our grandchildren ! They won't be taught that.
Note my previous post.
Why does it have to be African-Americans? How many generations have you lived in America? I am only a 2nd generation Polish-American and my grandparents came from Poland in the early 1900's. We are all AMERCANS ! Why perpetuate the racial divide? Bet most of our grandkids DO NOT know what perpetuate means?
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Your Paycheck in 2013: Part 2

swawrzynek Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 12:06 AM
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USA- Brand Whatever

swawrzynek Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 12:02 AM
Whereb were ya educated? DUH !
HOORAY. Add to my taxes and Give FREE CELL PHONES TO MEDICAID PEOPLE, SO THEY WILL FEEL MORE EQUAL ? I WORKED FOR 25 YEARS AND MY HUBBY WORKED FOR 40 YEARS. I pay, $66.50 per month for only 550 minutes of talk, NO TEXT OR WEB ! THEY can get 250 minutes of talk and 250 minutes of text, FOR FREE ! And for $30.00, THEY GET UNLIMITED TEXT TALK AND WEB ! THANK YOU, MR. OWANNA.
Good one. Oh, and many think SHE should be our NEXT PRESIDENT !
We ARE stupid. That's why they went to the "electronic" vote. If the Kenya's can get americans to send them more money for a purchase, than it was worth, and munipulate websites, what can stop our "Government " with the BILLIONS spent on ALL seats, (SAD, should've been spent on education and health care) to fudge our elections? Remember, 40 years or more ago, the election results were not revealed until the last election district voted. Maybe we need to address this issue.
I remember playing the lead of the "Little Red Hen" in 1st grade. NO ONE wanted to help her plant, weed, fertilize, reap or help her bake the bread, BUT EVERYONE wanted to eat it with her. Sounds like our citizens versus our President, Congress and the Senate. "Fiscal Cliff"? Sounds like Chicken Little in "the sky is falling ! Ya won't have to worry bout raising the retirement age or the medicare age, if our citizen's keep packing on the pounds. How many more citizens are on "MEDICAID"? Paid for by our WORKING citizens. Medicare and Social Security, also paid for by our WORKING Citizens. Our government is starting to sound like NERO fiddling while his country fell flat.
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