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Martin Luther King Jr. was a registered Republican, but that fact is not mentioned in any of my grand children's school books. Jim Crow laws are covered in detail, but nowhere is mentioned the fact that they were introduced and passed by Democrats, and fought by Republicans. The KKK was the creation of Democrats, and when the newly freed black slaves fought back against the night riding rapists, hangmen, and arsonists of the KKK with firearms, those Democrats handed us the very first gun control laws... aimed specifically at black citizens and designed to protect the KKK! When can we expect the truth to be taught to our children in K-12 and the university system?
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Inciting Racial Paranoia

Swamper Wrote: Jul 19, 2013 11:08 AM
I am curious about how our first "White-Black" president, and his contemptible "Black-Hispanic" AG Eric Holder (see the racial make-up of Barbados, Holder's genetic home) will deal with the racial backlash, when the "African-Americans" and "Hispanic-Americans" realize they are simple pretending to be the "real racial deal"?
I hope you don't mind my stealing your idea. Currently I seldom carry anything in those pockets since retiring. *insert wicked grin here*
I just love parables, and the lessons they bear! Thank you!
My son-in-law is a university educated communist - socialist - liberal -progressive (whatever the jackbooted thugs of the Utopian Democrat Party call themselves this decade) who favors firearm confiscation, to include the police, as that "works for the British!" I suggested that anyone who craves peace should pray that the "progressive" gun grabbers fail, and that he never gets his wish! Things could get real ugly, real fast. This article demonstrates that things are getting less pretty by the day, with ugly on the horizon.
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To the Parents of Newtown:

Swamper Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 9:17 AM
How different would the horror of Newtown have been if those first three people rushing from the office into the hall only to fall in a hale of bullets had been trained and armed to respond properly? Three armed responders on site, taking out the deranged gunman in the hall and preventing harm to those children in their care would have been a better ending. There were, and are now more states and school districts around our nation who see the truth of the above, and the training is underway. Slain Navy Seal Cris Kyle's Dallas - Fort Worth program for school employees is worth checking out if you would care to see one solution to the problem.
On the last census, my wife and I had a chuckle, and forced a couple of follow-ups, by listing our race as Human on the "Other" line.
I was a Scoutmaster for almost 20 years, and a father in the home was almost always a predictor of which young boy would need the most attention from myself and my assistants. Anytime a fatherless (for any reason) child did not require a heavy does of one-on-one, it was because there was an in-house adult male picking up the load and carrying it. Fathers are critcal to raising stable, productive men who can pass the traits on to their sons. The importance of a father in the life of a daughter is also critical, but a topic for another day.
Everyone get used to the idea of a "path" to citizenship in The Utopian Socialist States of Amerika. The Political Correctness Police have already eliminated the word "Illegal" from emigration discussions, along with "terrorist" if it applies to a Muslim. These poor, hard working, wanna-be-citizens are simply "Undocumented Democrats"!
Perhaps, someone who constantly returns to make repeated attempts to demonstrate Saul Alinski techniques in here, and is not deterred by the humiliation and repeated defeats of their "arguments", has reasons that are not in the open? They return because they are paid to return?
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