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10 Stories That Prove Guns Save Lives

Swamper Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 12:41 PM
The MSM loudly announces "bad" shootings to advance their cause, and suppresses those that effectively demonstrate how private citizens use firearms every day, all over this nation, to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors. Often, the mere presence of the weapon stops the attacker, witout a single shot being fired. You can get daily updates on stories that are seen locally, but concealed from everyone else by the MSM Propagandists by visiting this link regularly. Invest in precious metals. Lead, copper, and brass.

In a nation that already has more than 200 million guns, gun control does little other than make the work of rapists, robbers, murderers and nuts like Adam Lanza easier. When faced with gun control laws, the law abiding citizen has no choice other than to disarm or become an outlaw, but people with bad intentions are faced with no such moral dilemma. That's why the best friend of a rapist or a potential Adam Lanza is the gun control advocate who's working tirelessly to insure that his targets can't adequately defend themselves.

On some level,...