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The Collapse of Leadership

swampcat Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 6:16 PM
Winston, what you say is both true and sad. Makes us all wonder what America has become. Then, at least as a bright spot, we hear all the liberals in Mass singing the words to the National Anthem at the ball game. Makes me think there might be hope...the American spirit is still alive and well.

Carnage in Boston, ricin in Congress and devastation in West, Texas make this the worst week in years for the U.S. That the parents of some of the victims of Newtown were disappointed in the Senate yesterday adds to the gloom, and the president’s unbelievable timing for his fit of pique Wednesday added to the sense that the country is, genuinely, leaderless.

President Obama could not have known that a fertilizer factory would blow a couple of hours after he went on his rant against people who disagree with him. But he could not have not known that all day long...